Public Policy and Law

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Students in this concentration become experts in the economics of public policy in general and in its application to specific areas of interest.

This concentration will expose students to the legal and institutional structures in which policies are developed, the analysis of the economic impacts of policies, and special circumstances of public policy and law pertaining to the environment, consumers, the agricultural sector and international relations.


Become an expert on law and public policy related to food and agriculture, environment and natural resources, consumers, and international relations. Know how to use economics to analyze and improve public policy in those realms. Understand policy development and history and how to affect change through public-interest groups, industries, and various levels of government. 


Conduct independent analyses of federal, state and local policies; past topics include food labeling, water quality, land use, and the farm bill. Travel and engage with stakeholders in Washington DC, Chicago, and internationally to gain in-person exposure to the people and places where policies are developed.


Design, influence and advocate for policy in legislative offices, government agencies, regulated industries and non-governmental organizations. Go to graduate school in law, public policy, or public administration. Work in law, public interest, or government. 


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For more information about Public Policy and Law, please contact:

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