Student Life

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Life on campus expands beyond the classroom. The Department of ACE encourages students to make the most of their time on campus by engaging in personal and professional development opportunities, experiences that broaden their worldview, and fun activities that help create lifelong friendships.

Study Abroad and Experiential Learning

The department of ACE encourages learning through immersive experiences. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by enrolling in one of the many quality study abroad or experiential learning programs offered through the College of ACES and the Department of ACE.

In the pursuit of skills to prepare them for tackling important issues in business and policy fields, our students have traveled to such destinations as Washington D.C., New Zealand and West Africa. These programs give students a first-hand look at how different systems and policies can impact communities on a local and global scale.

Learn more about international opportunities offered through University of Illinois Study Abroad.


Gaining work experience while pursuing your degree is a great way to network with industry professionals and try different career opportunities in your chosen field. The Department of ACE encourages students to get practical experience by awarding academic credit for internship-related work.

Students with internships related to their major can work with a faculty member on a research project or report connected with their internship and earn credit hours towards their degree.

To learn more about how this process works, visit our Internships page.

Student Organizations

Of course student life isn’t just about the opportunities to learn off-campus or even out of the country. It’s about the connections you can make within the campus community.

Joining a student organization can help students connect with peers who share common interests. Students pursuing an ACE degree have a number of groups they can join that pertain to their major, including ACE Club, Financial Planning Club, National Agricultural Marketing Association (NAMA), and The DC Initiative.

Students also find that they thrive in organizations that seem unrelated to their major. It is easy to get connected to these opportunities through participation in Quad Day or through the Involved@Illinois search engine.

You can follow along with what current ACE students are involved in on our Facebook and Twitter pages!  You can also Visit ACE to explore the campus and department in person.